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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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among those that turned up only to be turned away. they left this morning without voting. cracks people cannot believe that they only sent 100 republican ballots. i saw several people leave. bill cowles told reporters that other pressing precincts ran out of democratic ballots as well. he says voters who have had issues are allowed to use express voting machines. they won' t even deliver absentee ballots who had an issue. the priority is to make sure
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you can see there has been a line at city hall. we talked to some candidates and voters who wondered . 40 or 50 votes could be a very big deal. we will be sure to let you know. polls show hillary clinton with a large lead. tonight, she will be in west palm beach to watch the results. adrian whitsett is live where her campaign is set up. i just want a report that in the last few minutes, hillary clinton just got here to the hotel.
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this will likely be her victory speech or she hopes to. she was outside the magnet high school in rally. she was talking to some high schoolers. she talked about the campaign that the democrats are running. similar campaigns. she is proud of that but shehave different options on where this country should go. she also told supporters how much we should be worried about the gop governor donald trump. >> i think it is important that we focus on the very dangerous
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what he is exemplifying is frightening. reporter: once again, we can here in south florida. remarks tonight. stage in front of a very packed crowd. live in west palm beach, wesh 2 news. angela: after visiting central florida last week, clinton' s opponent bernie sanders will be in arizona tonight to campaign. earlier today, he was in chicago. illinois is also holding its primary election today. there, he highlighted links between clinton and the troubled administration of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. jim: 99 delegates are on the
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reporter: there are high expectations for donald trump. in the latest poll, it is a two to one win over michael rubio. all 99 delegates are bound to vote for the person that wins in florida. now she is saying she wants him -- governor rick scott has not endorsed anyone even though his name is been tossed around as a possible vice resident contender. he was also flagged by sarah palin yesterday. he had not arrived yet at the
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he will give his speech at 9:00 p.m. tonight. he has already said that florida and ohio combined with give him the nomination. jim: florida senator marco rubio will find out tonight if he can win his friend date. he is up for a fight. amanda ober is live with the rubio campaign in miami. what is it like there right now? reporter: it is an interesting mood here tonight. i am staying at the atrium. that is what the rubio campaign has rented. if you look at the states behind me , that can only fit more than 100 people. is that an indication that they
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celebration tonight? we will just have to wait and see. they are still believing they may pull off a miracle. they expect a shocker tonight. senator rubio did not make any campaign stops today but yesterday he was in itself or to at a rally in melbourne. he has been trailing donald trump identical -- by double-digit here. he says whether he wins or loses, he will be heading to utah. we will find out tonight and a few more hours if you sticking to that claim. jim: right now, we' re getting ready for complete commitment 2016 coverage tonight. our live coverage begins at 8:00 on c.w. 18 and continues until 11. catch the election special on wesh 2 starting at 10:00. watch for alerts from our free wesh 2 mobile app so can keep up
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in. political candidates are not the only ones sweating it out. angela: we are feeling the hottest temperatures of the season. let' s check in with tony mainolfi. tony: it is hot and smoky. i just got this video from mike pinsky. a lot of smoke there. let' s take a look at the longest temperatures of the year. the day is still young. melbourne is that 89. no records today. we have got these gusty winds out there. not as windy as yesterday. a big one there .
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look at these temperatures. to go. rain and cooler temperatures are on the way. angela: lives. the driver who caused it should not be there. the driver is accused of having a bottle of us on the car. reporter: a majority of these crashes occur because out the hall was involved. we are lucky only one vehicle was stopped.
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the driver was fernando who is suspected of driving drunk. the message has been out there for 50 years. clemente collided head-on with harold faber. both were pronounced dead on the scene. on survivable. the mangled vehicles give some idea as to speed and force involved. clemente should never have been on the road in the first place. his driver' s was revoked 12 years ago after he was arrested for trafficking meth. grexit' s man not only killed himself, he has affected the
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toxicology tests are still pending. it' s not before they were accused of a crash in winter garden. michelle meredith tells us where the search is dance now. reporter: this story has many twists and turns but it all started with a home invasion in this complex in ocoee. it took place at about 4:00 a.m. in the morning. it is a pick and then the peak has a mohawk. --pig. eventually they kidnapped him. >> we knew when the guy was not
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into his own bmw and driven away from the scene. the remaining three suspects allegedly took off in this mercedes suv. the suspects t-boned this nissan sedan at the intersection of good homes and colonial. critically injuring the driver. the suspect then fled on foot and believe it or not, that crash was followed by a second crash. neither were injured. >> these particular couple of -- guys ran a tax business. reporter: it was the victim cash that drew the suspects in. they flash their money and everyone knew how much cash they had. they posted pictures. this may have made them a target.
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are still on the run and believe that mercedes could be the key to finding them areas. angela: police tell us the three home invasion victims are doing fine. jim: big developments today. 5:00, the decision handed down by the governor. plus, or bird is stolen outside a local bar. we are staying on top of voting
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whether voting can be angela: ucf will get a downtown orlando campus. governor rick scott makes it official today when he signs the new state budget. that means the state will contribute 20 million dollars to the project that will be built on the site of the old amway arena. ucf president john hitt calls the signing one of the most significant milestones in ucf history. the downtown campus is expected to cost 75 million dollars. besides the money from the state, 20 million will come from private donors, with the
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school. when visitor is still there with mike week. claire metz reports someone stole the bikers pare it. reporter: mike mularz has been coming to bike week on and off for decades, he actually writes for a biker magazine, born to ride based in the tampa area and where ever mike goes, so goes his pet macaw named spyke. >> i just want my bird back no questions asked. reporter: mike mularz has plastered the city with posters, describing spyke, his pet of 22 years and offering a reward the two were in the mix on main street saturday night and as he regularly does to entertain the crowd, mularz left spyke on her motorcycle perch while he listened to a band across the street. >> i would come out and either go over close to the bike or see her from here and make sure she was ok.
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s shoulder or the bike when he steps away and if anyone tries to remove her, she' ll squawk up a storm, but witnesses told mularz someone they described as a transient was bothering the bird. he kept coming back continuously messing with her trying to get her off the motorcycle and finally she gave in and went to him. witnesses tried to chase after the bird thief, but lost him and now, mularz feels lost. >> she is my life. this is really hard. he is followed a few leads but none has stood out. on her right wing, spike has one wing that is totally yellow. that is totally unusual. in daytona beach, claire metz, wesh 2 news.
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police report as well so you can contact daytona beach police. angela: caught on camera, a possible tornado as it ripped through western ohio, this is how it looked when the storm roared through phillipsburg yesterday. here is no word of any injuries or major damage, but the people who live there are still shaken. >> it' s hard to take it all in still. you see it happen all the time but never think it will happen to you and here we are. angela: the risk for tornadoes in the area was high at the time, but the national weather service has still not confirmed whether it was a tornado that hit phillipsburg. jim: second lee --technically, we are still in winter. tony: we have got more dry weather tomorrow. we have some changes coming in. 86 right now over towards the coast.
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look at cocoa beach right now. offshore wind. 88 degrees right now. we are not the only ones that are warm today. look at chicago. 56 degrees. dallas , 82. that is producing more severe weather. we' ve got that west winds. 86, the villages. 91 inamed around downtown
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the flower and garden festival . by 9:00, bay hill. for the folks there get off the landscape. look at this afternoon highs. 89-90 degrees. mid-sixties in town. as we get you into wednesday afternoon, just like today. west winds. check out these numbers. 88 over towards lady lake. celebration right around 90. dewberry right around 90 degrees. a little bit cooler.
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up let' s take you down to disney. coming up next half hour, we are going to talk to you about st. patrick' s day. these afternoon highs. aching is by monday morning. jim: the dangers of the job for police officers.
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why his company >> this is a live picture. by midmorning, ballots ran out at both precincts in belle isle. three chicago police officers are investigated. angela: the officers say they saw a man and woman acting strange and decided to look into
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they both tried running away with the man shooting at them. officers returned fire and killed him. charged. all three officers are expected to be ok. the man killed in the shootout is in the process of being identified. a viral video is sparking disgust and outrage that shows a man urinating on a cereal assembly line at a kelloggs plant in memphis. the company says the video is from 2014. but now the fda is opening a criminal investigation. doctors say urine can carry diseases that can make anyone sick who eats the product. >>the one that you would be concerned with the most is any kind of std that could be transmitted through bodily fluid like that. so that would be a concern. doctor castellaw also says there' s no reason to panic. he pointed out that we would definitely know by now if the urinated cereal had been sold. jim: mother teresa is in the
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pope francis announcing this today. she' s known across the world for her work with the poor in the most impoverished areas of india. she was given the nobel peace prize in 1979. she died in 1997 and was beatified by pope john paul the second. mother teresa will be canonized on september fourth of this year. it' s only spring training but yesterday tampa bay rays outfielder jaff decker made one fantastic catch. angela: it happened when the rays were playing against the atlanta braves. in the bottom of the sixth, decker chases down the fly ball and makes a leaping grab before crashing into the wall. he takes away the home run and also takes the souvenir away from a young fan. despite this amazing catch it wasn' t enough to help the rays. they end up loosing to the braves, five to zero. that was quite the catch. a steady stream of voters today.
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should wait in line. >> my husband was a good man. for the first time
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the wife of a wi angela: right now at 5:30, a live picture as presidential candidates prepare to move on to the next step in their campaigns. polls in central florida close in about 90 minutes. wesh two' s dave mcdaniel is live at one of the polling places and joins us live dave. reporter: we' re at the elections supervisors headquarters on kaley, it' s a polling place, and a spot where a steady stream of cars have been dropping off absentee ballots that never made it into the mail, >> if you don' t vote, if something happens you don' t like, how can you say, i don' t like it? it' s about having a say in who leads the nation. the presidential preference primary doesn' t immediately pick the president, but it sets the line-up. >> be involved in what' s going on in the world, have my own opinions and stuff, so i need to get it out there. michael ertel: it' s been a great turn-out, no lines, but there' s
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location, there' s always something going on. elections supervisors all around the area predict anywhere from 35-to-45% turn-out by the time the polls close. in most areas, half the ballots were cast before the polls opening in the morning. bill cowles: the trend has been that more people vote early or vote by mail, than actually go to their polling place. michael ertel: i think what this election has shown is this is the transition from people voting on election day to people voting way before election day. increasing pre-election day voting numbers and decreasing election day lines, at least that' s the theory. all to better get voters involved. myriamme jean-charles: just want to be heard, that' s the only way they can understand everything, so that' s the only way they can hear me, by voting. still a common complaint, people not registered for either party, finding out at the polls the primary' s closed to them. >> we gave them an option for months preceding the election if
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have. the people most frustrated by the closed primary are people who moved from areas where t realize florida' s primaries require a party preference. live in orange county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. jim:as voters head to the polls today they' re also deciding several local issues. in winter park, voters will decide the fate of funding for a new public library. the larger facility would look like this and be built in martin luther king junior park. approve 30 million dollars in bonds to pay for it. angela: with $10 months left in office, president obama today surprised many by jumping into the tone of the republican race for president. wesh 2 political reporter greg fox joins us now with more on what he said, greg? >> the president today said we' re tarnishing our reputation abroad and setting poor examples for our children when campaigns continue as they have those comments primarily aimed at the republican primary race. the president made the remarks today at a white house luncheon.
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s happening on the campaign trail. >>we have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities at americans who don' t look like us or pray like us or vote like we do. we' ve seen misguided attempts to shut down that speech. however offensive it may be. we live in a country where free speech is one of the most important rights we hold. we' ve seen actual violence. reporter: the president also said there is no law that politicians have to be nice with one another, but he says there are norms that reflect how we want to teach our young people how to treat each other. without actually mentioning republican donald trump, the president said animosity breeds
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angela? angela: join wesh 2 news tonight for special commitment 2016 coverage. on c.w. 18 and continues until 11. catch the election special on wesh 2 starting at 10:00. watch for alerts from our free wesh 2 mobile app so can keep up with the results as they come in. jim: 33-year-old tony jones was then down -- gunned down outside his silver hills apartment in orange county saturday night. his wife says she saw a light -- my husband was a good man and he didn' t deserve the way he did and i just like for whoever has any information just to come forward. 33-year-old latony jones was gunned down outside his silver hills apartment in orange county saturday night. his wife says she saw a light grey honda leave the scene right after the shooting. when i wen outside screaming i
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at and i could see the car leave, hestitate and i instatne ran down stairs and began to pray for him. reporter: jone was pronounced dead in the parking lot. latony jones had just gotten home from picking up his son at the movies, the son went inside the house second later he was shot. luckily their 13-year-old made into their apartent safely. the couple has 4 boys the youngest is 2. the five-year-old asked about him this morning he said i want my dad, there was nothing i could tell him. victoria jones says he husand was a great father and had turned his life around for his family. she' s had t-shirts made in his memory. this was my birthday night a night he made so special for me greg if you know something, you need to say something. victoria jones says on the night she shooting she say what looked like gray honda leave the scene
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call that day before he came asked thwere he was on my way home i m just picking up my son up from the movies. i' m gail paschall-brown, wesh you can also call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. you can remain anonymous and could receive a reward. in about 90 minutes, friends and family will gather to remember an ocoee 15-year-old who was murdered over the weekend. investigators say antwan davis was shot in the head on north lakewood avenue late saturday night. so far, there' s no word on any suspects. his family told police he had an ongoing feud with other teens in the neighborhood. tonight' s vigil will be held at starke lake at 7:00. the 21 euro woman has been caught in connection with a hit and run crash. photos show the bus was only crashed a bit. witnesses gave the description of the truck.
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children on the bus. no one was seriously hurt. a man is behind bars after he fired shots. >> cell phone video shows the frantic scene after shots were fired into a crowd outside several bars on pine street in downtown orlando last week. police and paramedics tended to a 26-year-old man who suffered a non-life-threatening wound. a suspect was nowhere to be found, and little was known at the time. but a half hour later in the early morning hours of that same day, march 9, the suspect did have a run-in with law enforcement, when they say he ran a stop sign. lt. rob pelton, we as law enforcement know that one of the most dangerous things we' ll do is a traffic stop. altamone springs police say a patrol officer had no idea the man he pulled over on douglas
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a crime minutes prior. that driver, adam manaiza, was taken into custody because officers say they found marijuana in his car, but no license, because mainaza' s was suspended. days later, orlando police eyed mainaza as the suspect in the downtown shooting and charged him in that case. police say this scenario shows the danger and importance of these simple stops. >> he' s out there patrolling the streets of altamonte springs, witnesses this violation and simple as this violation seems, you can see the results. matt, the suspect is being held here at the jail in seminole county, where he was taken into custody. ll soon be moved to the orange county jail, where he faces attempted murder charges and charges of possessing a firearm by a felon. from seminole county, matt lupoli/wesh 2 news angela: covering volusia county, deputies say someone stole a new boat and trailer from a dealer,
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nvestigators believe the thief was in this ford f-250 earlier this month in edgewater. the thief cut the chain on the gate at isla-morada boatworks on u.s. one, hooked up the boat and trailer and took off. they were later found, but the boat was stripped of its motor and most components. spring break is really going off along daytona beach and some in the crowd are causing problems. booze, which is banned on the beach, seems to be the source of most of the problems a lot of suds went into the sand today and take a look at the trash left behind the beach littered with cups and cans and bottles beach safety officers think a crack down on drinking in panama city beach led to larger than expected college students in daytona beach who think they can drink here. >>it' s apparent they don' t know, you walk up to them and they have beers, they' re not trying to hide it. you try to give them a warning, you try to get them to dump it out. >> but if they don' t cooperate, they can be arrested 65 arrests through this morning.
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the spring break capital but leaders stopped promoting it back in the 90' s, because of problems. the beach is a great place to be right now. it is so beautiful outside. tony: 73 degrees back towards the coast. 88 degrees that is warming . there. the highs today are near 90. we did not tie any records. 89, cocoa. 88 in melbourne.
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degrees. we had westwards ocala. coming up, we do have some rain and cooler temperatures back in the forecast. lawmakers on capitol hill are hearing what happens. angela: the former head of the agency says federal law limited its ability to act aggressively. she nearly broke down today while talking to lawmakers. >> although i have left government service, i have not stopped worrying about the people of flint. susan hedman says the agency did what it could within the framework of the safe drinking water act, which assigns states the legal authority to implement drinking water regulations.35 if you work for orange county government, you' ll be able to take sunrail for free tomorrow. employees are encouraged to take the train as a way to cut down on vehicle emissions and increase mass transit ridership. organizers also hope more
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business around the train stations. angela: a worker means business when he goes up against a raging brush fire in central florida. wesh 2 is there as he risks his life to try to stop the flames. just how close it got to businesses next at 5:00. plus, problems at polling places. it prompted the supervisor of elections to ask for extended voting hours.
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jim: we' re now seeing a sketch of the man wanted for beating up another man outside a local bar, leaving him with a brain injury. as we first reported last week, orange county deputies say sebastian valencia was attacked at the tavern on the creek on south john young parkway. deputies now hope this sketch will lead them to the attacker. it' s believed the fight started
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came to the bar with valencia. the suspect has red hair and stands about 5' 8, and was last seen leaving in a silver suv. angela: gigantic flames swept toward a brevard county shopping center as a lone man in a tractor-hoe battled desperately to stop the wall of fire wesh-2' s dan billow was in the thick of it, even as the fire began in cocoa. reporter: towering, roaring flames raged through trees and dry woodland off 524 in cocoa. the fire had started in what' s called a pile burn, a permitted burning of trees and brush that had been cleared on a construction site. when workers saw that the flames had escaped, one man jumped into his big tractor hoe to fight a daring battle. the big machine drove straight into the fire, and amid the flames, could be seen swinging its shovel back and forth, uprooting trees. the operator was trying to
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the flames. he didn' t stand a chance, and eventually saved his own life by driving out, his chariot bearing the marks of battle. dan billow, the fire burned up to the limits of this shopping center. and when it arrived, it was with frightening heat and sound. most people ran, but one man washing cars just a few feet away, kept on washing. firefighters contained the fire, and plowed a line to keep the fire from burning around the shopping center. the construction crew that accidentally started the fire had a burn permit. in cocoa, dan billow, wesh-2 news. angela: typically, when permit and are observing its requirements, no fines or penalties are issued if the fire escapes.
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breezy. tony: we got a breeze other today but not as gusty. s a good-looking shot there from mike. pictures. cap and down i-95, and smell the smoke all night long. a little bit of hayes in the air. 87 degrees right now. daytona beach is that 88. melbourne, 89. we got a weather maker here and then we got a little disturbance coming from baja. it is going to merge. we have got a couple of days of
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damp weather moving back in. tomorrow, one more hot one. if you are working on a 10 -- 10, take advantage of it. still 90. lake mary coming in at 87. here we are 5:30. we have an hour and a half left to go. 7:00 , the polls are shutting on down. take a look at the lowe' s for tonight. patchy fog again forming after midnight. tomorrow, big dome of high temp. west winds, afternoon highs. late in
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one difference, the sea will work in tomorrow. the record high by the way is 94. records are not in jeopardy. by the way, the last time we hit 90 in orlando. it' s been a while. we are trying to get everyone acclimated to the heat. first pitch at 84. there is the front gradually sinking southward. by sunday, a little wave of low pressure is going to develop. as we get into the back end.
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seven-day forecast st. patrick' s day. the caveat though on monday. very comfortable temperatures. jim: next at 5:00, the likelihood of next flight will
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>> a new report says airlines are more on time. eight international flights tarmac delays of more than four hours in january. all of those are being investigated. that' than last december' s rate of 1.7%. angela: severe hail was felt slamming over parts of western arkansas over the weekend. a steady stream of hail made
5:55 pm
blanketed with snow. people had trouble getting around since fog was also an issue. there' s no word on if the weather caused anyone to get hurt. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. angela, tonight we have live commitment 2016 coverage. there is even request to extend voting. plus, two people were killed
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>> commitment 2016. a lot is at stake. primary poll problems somebody dropped the ball to be out of ballots this early > too many voters, not enough ballots with just an hour left to cast your vote we' re looking at what happened at a few local locations. meredith: tonight wesh 2 news has live team coverage.
5:59 pm
-- meredith: right now time is running out if you have not yet cast your vote in the presidential primary. good evening i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. the polls close at 7:00. there were some voting problems reported today a dozen precincts in orange county ran out of that wasn' t discovered. voting was interrupted for about 30-minutes. meredith: there is a lot on the line today. for the republicans, 99 delegates are up for grabs, and the winner takes all of them. the democrats will split 214 delegates in florida. it is not winner-take-all. jim: tonight wesh 2 news has live team commitment 2016 coverage from around the state. adrian whitsett is live at the west palm beach convention center where hillary clinton watch the returns when they start coming in at 8. meredith: amanda ober is following florida' s own senator marco rubio. she is live from fiu in miami. she' s just learned that the
6:00 pm
trump' beach county. stewart when is trump expected to arrive? >> we' re going whitsett who is live at the west palm beach convention center. adrian? reporter: the west palm beach convention center. hillary clinton just got here and hour ago. i want to give you a little update from an hour ago. they were getting ready to start letting people in. she is having an issue with the


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